Lysefjord Safari Forli 4444

Lysefjord Safari Forli 4444

1195NOK / per person


Join us on a day-trip to Flørli, which boasts the world’s longest wooden staircase! Travel at high-speed (35 knots) on a RIB from the quay in Stavanger, through the amazing Lysefjord, and on to the former power plant village of Flørli. Challenge yourself to hike up the long climb of 4 444 steps to the top of the mountainside and take in the spectacular fjord views.

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Further description

Flørli, which has been inhabited on and off since at least the seventeenth century, is beautifully located amidst 1000-meter-high mountains along the southern shore of the Lysefjord. In 1916, construction began on a hydro-electric power plant, which, from 1918 until 1950, supplied electricity to the city of Stavanger. At its peak (1917), 142 people were employed at the plant; quite an impressive number considering that only 13 permanent residences were ever built near the site.

This is a demanding 3-hour, 3.2 km (round-trip) climb/hike with a total ascent of just over 750 meters.

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Tour Plan

Meet our captain at the pier next to the fishmarket (Fisketorget), the address is Strandkaien 37. Gather up togheter with the other passengers and wait for further instructions. Have your ticket ready. You will get dressed up in comfortable, waterproof gear and lifejackets for your safety. After a quick safety brief, you will enter the boat and find a soft, comfy seat to sit on. We have waterproof bags for your luggage and personal belongings. You can hold your camera ready during the ride or put your mobile phone in one of the pockets in the suit.

Before we depart from Stavanger, we will suit you up in floating suits and life jackets. A safety brief will also be held by the captain. Once everybody is ready, we take a seat in the boat and are ready to go!

It takes about an hour to get to Flørli from Stavanger. On the way we stop at a couple of beautiful spots in the fjord to take some pictures.

We take of all the gear and start moving towards the stairs. There is a café at Flørli, so you can get more food/water if you need. There is also toilets here. The captain will explain the trail for you and tell a little about the place.

The hike itself is not more than 1,6 kilometres, but it is a 750 meters incline to the top. Starting slow is key to not get exhausted right away. The first part is often the toughest!

You can chose to take the lunch break half way up, or on the top. The view is absolutly amazing!

On the way down you do not walk in the stairs. You hike over the mountain and follow a trail down to Flørli. On your way down you will cross a suspension bridge and walk through an exotic forrest.

Once you are back down at Flørli you could go for a refreshing swim in the fjord, enjoy some food at the café or have a walk in the old hydropower plant.

The way back home will be a non-stop ride with RIB. You will be back in Stavanger at 16:00

Tour location

We are located in the bottom of the harbour of Stavanger – next to the fishmarket. The adress is Strandkaien 37, 4005 Stavanger. This is where we will embark the boats and start our adventures!

How to get there

Stavanger is a small city – you can easily walk from one end to another! As long as you are in downtown Stavanger, you can just go for a short walk to find us. Our docking spot is in the bottom of the harbour. There is a big sign next to it, so we are easy to spot.

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